Top Healthy Places To Eat In Leigh-on-sea

As the winter months draw closer catch ups are almost impossible to disagree to. Christmas is approaching and at this time of year it is impolite to hide from family members or friends (as you usually would). Lunches and dinners must be the top answer when discussing a catch up, and therefore it can be a struggle for people who are currently training or focusing on their weight loss goal to enjoy their meal. This shouldn’t be an issue but the reality is it is harder then it should be to eat out and stay within your usual healthy plan. So here at the lodge we decided to create an answer to all of your restaurant based queries. Where is healthy? What is healthy? HELP!


From the muscle man to the purple power their super smoothies are truly unbeatable. There is rarely a week that goes by that does not see The Fitness Lodge staff room having empty smoothie bottles lying around (usually the muscle man). Not only are the smoothies full of goodness and delicious but also the food is just as nutritious! When glancing over their menu you’ll read words such as “super foods” and “organic”. For lunch options opt for one of their healthy wraps with the option for chicken, tuna or bacon which also include peppers, spinach, cucumber etc. Another great option is their different types of eggs on toast (which you can add giant portobello mushrooms to as well).
As the centre image of Leigh broadway the
Estuary is an icon for many. When looking for a beneficial lunch you needn’t look any further then the delicious salad bar that is inside. With the option of all the typical favourites, meat options and more it really is a winner in the hearty lunch department (especially when you can include their half chicken to the meal.) Our trainers love their salads and I’m sure you will too.
Hippos is a place where you can get your simple lunch favourites, from the good to the naughty… steer clear of their option for fry ups and instead choose their “healthy choice” selection. This includes many delicious treats such as eggs benedict or florentine, and omelettes with different meat toppings.
Toppers and Toast
The relatively “new kids on the block” are winning in all directions when it comes to nutritious options! Their menu includes a wide range of interesting Australian themed breakfasts including exotic smoothie bowls. A popular lunch choice being their poached egg with sliced avocado on toasted organic sourdough.
Stop the world
Yes we said it! The land of cakes and macaroons galore may seem like a bad idea when you’re trying to stick to your calories but don’t be alarmed! The menu very kindly offers a “healthy option” this section includes porridge, granola, muesli and delicious smoothie bowls full of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds… but if you’re looking for a heartier option just choose the lighter lunches such as John Lodges choice of eggs benedict (just ask for less sauce) or choose eggs on toast with smashed avocado! Both delicious!

These are our choices for top places but there are plenty of others too. With these options we hope you no longer worry about those Christmas catch ups and instead enjoy your healthy meals with no shame!