Tips To Get Motivated! 

Tips To Get Motivated! 

 Create Milestones

Break down your goals. If you feel a million miles away from where you want to be, the chances are that you will make yourself believe it’s almost unachievable. Which in turn makes you subconsciously give up before you have even really started and this does zero for your confidence & motivation.

If this is the case you might find it helps to write down that end goal which seems so distant & then start to break it down into bite size chunks, which we at The Fitness Lodge like to call milestones, keep them short but consistent, ie 4 to 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Try not to concentrate on that larger end goal, we literally only want to think “What do I have to do in the next 2 weeks to hit my milestone?” If you hit it, do it again, and again, and again until before you know it that larger goal which seemed so far away before is now not simply a distant dream, it’s an achievable goal.    

Keep it simple 

Macros, weighting food, calorie counting, fasting, these can all be very overwhelming and if you turn to the internet you will find millions of different techniques which can leave people having literally no clue where to start. In it’s most basic form the bottom line is if you want to lose weight you simply need to burn off more calories than you put in your body. Yes there are many more items which can also make a difference but I think from a mindset point of view it’s wise to have that as a basic number one rule. Other key items are: 

  •     Plenty of water
  •     Cutting out as much processed foods as possible
  •     Eat natural food & make your own meals
  •     Keep sugary foods to a minimum 
  •     Eat good quality protein
  •     Eat plenty of vegetables
  •     Train regularly 
  •     Lots of Rest 

These are very basic but important items, if you need help with bespoke nutritional guidance please click the link below. 

Join a community 

Surround yourself with people that are on the same journey as you, find an inclusive community that can motivate you to be the best possible you, this will help with consistency, and accountability, as achieving your goals is a lot simpler with the help of others. At The Fitness Lodge we are very proud of our friendly welcoming environment.   

Set times to exercise will help create habits,  

For example: 

  •     If your exercise is not at a specific time you will simply wake up thinking I hope I feel motivated today to exercise. 
  •     If your business does not have systems for marketing then you show up at work and cross your fingers hoping that someone may find you and make contact.  

It’s crucial that you set days & times that you exercise, better still go somewhere that you have to book in advance, you need to try to do this, if not you may find yourself saying things like, “I need to find the willpower to exercise.” Having a plan will help eliminate this type of situation.  



Think of the “why“ 

Make a list of why you want achieve your goals. In this day & age its really easy to be distracted, this is why you need to take time out and stop and simply list down the reason as to why you want to achieve your goals. Try to write it using old school pen & paper rather than on a computer merely typing yet another list, as pen to paper will have a greater mental connection. This “why“, will help you on those darker days to remember why these goals are so important to you.

Make a Purchase  

Buy something new, an arrival of a new pair of trainers will guarantee you get them on & test them out, a new pair of running headphones will ensure you get outside for a jog to try out the new gadget, some new training kit will make you get dressed up ready to exercise.

If you want any help with your health & fitness goals click learn more below and reach out. 

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