Tips To Keeping Fitness Fun

Tips To Keeping Fitness Fun

Variety really is the spice of life 

Doing the same workout over and over again can get pretty boring. Boredom won’t do much for your motivation. The Answer to this issue is really quite simple to fix….Try mixing it up! Change your workout program, try a new class, try a Weights based session if you normally gravitate towards Cardio, add one outside workout to your training schedule. Picking one of these options will keep you interested, learning & shake you right out of the boredom zone!

Invest in a new piece of kit

I personally have wardrobes & wardrobes full of workout wear probably if I’m honest FAR TO MUCH!! But I’ll never admit that to my Wife…. I know for me that if I want to re-ignite my next workout it helps if I’m wearing a new top or some new trainers, new fitness gadget to test out for the weeks ahead!   Get Shopping!!

Rope in others

Another way to keep things interesting is to drag your friends along; doing a fitness session alone can sometimes be a little dull or even intimidating. Having support from loved ones can definitely take this fear away. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of giggles along the way.

Exercise to your favourite playlists

Training to your top tunes will keep you motivated, assist with training for longer & keep you occupied. Music is a must for any endurance training with many even taking to audio books and podcasts to help stimulate your brain. Whilst keeping you in the zone it also helps to take your mind off how hard you are working.

Try a new dish

Mix up the food a little, set a goal to try a new food every week, prepare a new recipe, check out a new fruit or veg, food needs to be fun & it does not need to be bland and boring, so get trying new foods to keep things interesting.

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