Three Nutrition Myths

1. Protein

You might think protein is just for building muscle. But you would be wrong.

Not only does protein repair cells in your muscles and organs but it also regulates hormone development in your body, including the hormone Leptin- which is responsible for fat loss.

High quality protein, is packed full of different ‘essential amino acids’ which aid the breakdown and absorption of the protein into your muscles.

Simply put, getting enough protein is important for muscle growth, improved health and  fat loss.

2. Carbohydrates

Many people just think of pasta when you say Carbohydrates, but actually there are a lot more foods than you may have thought in this group

Everything from bread, potatoes to fruit and salad!

Basically what this food does is release sugar into our body to be used for energy to train hard and for our brain to function.

The difference between things like bread and salad is the amount and speed to which the sugar is released as well as the micronutrients (another pointless word that means vitamins and minerals!) that come with it.


3. Fats
Probably the biggest myth in the history of nutrition is the belief that all fats are bad!

There are a number of different fats most (not all) of which are actually good for you and should be consumed regularly.

Fat is another source of energy for our body to use. It helps you absorb vitamins and releases essential fatty acids that your body cannot produce itself. Your body needs these fatty acids to regulate a lot of processes in your brain, joints and blood.

Some fats can even increase the fat burring process in your body!

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John Lodge