There’s Still Time in 2018

So.. Final few months of the year.. 8 weeks until Christmas (eeeeek.. Times flying!)

Goal setting…

Have you achieved the goals you set for your New Years resolution??

If you have then fantastic and I hope you didn’t stop there and you set some more. If not it’s never too late to push for them before the year is out.

Right.. So today’s post is all about attitude towards goals.

At The Fitness Lodge we like to exceed above and beyond.. No goal is too outrageous so long as it is realistic.

Positive mental attitude towards that one thing you really want to achieve is the key to success.. I get it’s hard at times when you feel you aren’t getting anywhere (believe me I still have those days!!) but it is important to look back and see how far you’ve come.. That’s when you realise the real progress and usually you are exceeding expectation if you have given it your all.

So how do you maintain this positively and motivation …

  • What you think you become  focus your mind in what that specific goal is that you want to achieve.. Keep it in the for front of your mind that way it’s always there.
  • Power of support  surround yourself if those who inspire, push, motivate and those with similar goals
  • Positive exposure  read books/quotes/articles that get you in that mindset, start your day with something that makes you happy, feel good and gets your mindset ready for the day ahead
  • Changing things up – if your feeling demotivated due to having the same old food or doing the same old routine change it up.. Variety is the spice of life after all and also importantly do things you enjoy.. Something whatever it is esp if it will lead you to your goal everyday
  • Progress  this is why we measure you/take before photos guys to show you all your amazing hard work pays off .. Look back at where you was 3,6,12 months ago and look how far and amazingly you’ve come! Never give up as you don’t know where you could be 3 months from now.. 

Positivity is the KEY to success!

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