The Fitness Lodge Update – 8th June 2020

‌Hi All.

Firstly I hope you and your family’s are all well.

I wanted to post this little update to let you all know of this items we are working on at the fitness lodge to get up ready for reopening. It’s been a long few months and we are very excited to get back once the government allow bit using this time wisely to make the lodge a healthy and safe environment.

Please see the below points we have been and are working on:


Social Distancing
  • Social distancing measures will be implemented in The Fitness Lodge. This is going to mean markings on the floor to insure 2m distances are being followed.
  • Markers to help position the trainer correctly.
  • An one way arrow system to direct traffic and minimise crossovers.
  • Adaptions in the reception area to partition off and encourage social distancing.
Training Adaptions

We will need to adapt training at The Fitness Lodge, a number of these adaptions are as followed and not limited to…

  • Members will be unable to share equipment within the same session.
  • Our training sessions will be adapted to incorporate this.
  • Training sessions will be laid out before starting with equipment in place for the session all within your 2m social distanced stations.
  • Class timetable will be adapted with a strict maximum of 6 people per session.
  • Booking will be mandatory, cancelling off sessions with plenty of notice will be required.
  • We ask members to arrive promptly. When arriving at The Fitness Lodge follow the path and go straight to your station.
  • Some cardio equipment will be removed to enable correct spacing with the remaining equipment.
  • Daily cleaning will be performed at The Fitness Lodge.
  • Members will be asked to wipe down equipment in their station.
  • We will have hand sanitiser stations as you enter and exit The Fitness Lodge.
  • Each training station will be equipped with antibacterial wipes to use at the beginning and end of their session.
  • There will be spacing added onto our timetable between classes to allow time for the trainer to do additional cleaning.
Restricting Unplanned Access
  • We are strongly looking at installing access control at the bottom stairwell door. To enable this door to be remained closed at all times, to gain access you will need to enter a pin code / access card which we send out once this has been sorted and the door will close behind you. There will be a sanitiser station upon your entrance.
  • We are looking to implement this to prevent unplanned entrance from members of the public who aren’t familiar with the health and safety policy.
Health and safety certification
  • Once we are aware of a reopening date we will send out a self certification health and safety disclosure which will go through questions regarding if you or any family members have had Covid 19.
  • Along with a fresh par q form to keep up to date.
  • Please be aware this is important for us to send to the members along with the staff  to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible.

We are also installing new flooring in the studio, redecorating the hallway and purchasing some new equipment to keep the classes interesting. I’m also very excited to be announcing some new trainers at The Fitness Lodge ready for the opening day to further extend the variety of classes we offer. It seems ages since we were back in the gym but I’m sure the wait will finally be over very soon!

We will do another update later on in the month to keep you up to speed with any adaptions we need to make.

Finally and most importantly from me and the team I would like to thank you all for your amazing support over the months. The Fitness Lodge would not be the same without it’s amazing members and as always thank you to team lodge!

Kind regards,

John Lodge