The Fitness Lodge Update – 23rd July 2020

Hi all.

I hope you and your families are all well. We are excited to be reopening the gym on Monday 27th July! We are looking forward to you all seeing the new funky design.

The booking system is now live! Please note we will be updating this weekly, the first week is lighter than the second due to holidays and everyone slowly getting back into the flow.

Please bear with us each week, whist we learn where the desired slots need to be.

We will be performing another Survey Monkey which will be more comprehensive then before after the first 2 weeks so that we can learn exactly when our members would prefer sessions.


Types of sessions

In-gym sessions

These are now on the calendar. Government stipulates we are allowed a maximum of 5 in a session, luckily we have the 2 large rooms at The Fitness Lodge, we are proud to say social distancing will not be too much of an issue for us. Please abide by the rules in the gym. We will add more of these sessions as the months unfold.


We will continue to use Zoom for virtual classes. Over the last 3-4 months is has been valuable to many, to keep them going and stay motivated. Although we don’t see this as the main way we perform classes, we see it as a very valuable tool, so we aim to keep Zoom going for the foreseeable future. We may expand on these as the months go by. We will also keep recordings up to date.

Outside sessions

We have added 3 outside sessions per week, conveniently spread out on different days and different times, to help cater to larger numbers whilst we are still social distancing.


Due to limited spaces within these sessions it is imperative members book in as soon as they can, and if they are cancelling to do so with plenty of time to allow other members to book on. All members must book into each session. Sadly anyone still on a waiting list at the session time cannot attend. This is why it is important for everyone to help keep the booking system accurate.



Installation has been done, John has a technical set up call booked. We have links available for our members to be buy the belts cheap, which John will add to the Facebook Group once he has had his configuration call. For more information on MyZone here is a YouTube video explaining what it is and how it works…



Measurements are back but being done a little differently.  The support coaches will be offering support for this service, by helping you to set goals and deadlines, and keeping you accountable. Measurements will be undertaken at home using an online form to track your progress.



We will have plenty of signage promoting the governments advice of hygiene in the required areas to remind you what to do whilst in The Fitness Lodge. We have installed one anti-bac station at the top of the stairwell as you enter the gym, one at the side of the gym and also one at the back. Please abide by social distancing rules. Equipment is going to be laid out in front of you in your section. Please use the cleaning products before and after each use.

The kitchen is now staff only, the water machine is now fully installed, it has a new filter system and is refrigerated, so it is available to fill up your bottles. This is relocated to a better location outside of the kitchen.

We would like to highlight that we are reviewing the calendar every single week to see trends and adapt as necessary.

As always thank you to everyone for your support. Looking forward to Monday because it is the first step of us getting back to some sort of normality.

Kind Regards,

John Lodge