“The first step is the hardest”

We have all heard the statement, “The first step is the hardest”, this is very true in so many areas of our life with weight loss being right up there.

Many of us dream of being in that happy place. Feeling amazing & content with our physique, buzzing with confidence and energy, lighting up any room we step into. At the fitness lodge this is important to our clients and many that contacted us. It’s fully understandable feeling on top of the world can completely transform peoples lives. It can help you find that someone special, nail that interview, get you back in those slim fit suits or that little black dress, help you chase your kids / grandkids around that park.

For us at the fitness lodge these are the real life goals that real people desire & aim to hit. Most people start by saying “I want to lose 2 stone” or “be a size 12/14 again” but lets be honest these are just numbers BUT it’s the side effects of those number that mean the most!

So how do you make this a reality I hear you ask?

Many of us are stuck in a rut, each day rolling onto the next. With no or little progression in a positive way towards our goals. It can be hard to know if we are coming and going, so many targets / demands and responsibility, that we end up putting our own goals on the back seat. The reality is that if you were in that happy confident place, life’s stresses and strains wouldn’t seem so bad. They could be tackled with a fresh mind, full of energy & efficiency with a lot less confusion. It can be particularly hard to break a pattern that may have been in place for many years. You see we build habits, healthy & unhealthy, and we need to tackle these if we want to progress.

Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail!

This is so true, you need an action plan. A list of items & procedures to implement to make success much more likely. I’m sure most of you see these words, procedures… policies…structures…. Plans… in your everyday working life and I’m sure you have no trouble sticking to them. We just need to implement these into your everyday life, to help progress YOURSELF forwards in your OWN goals.

At the fitness lodge we have had huge success with our Free transformation sessions

Assisting people with the steps needed to start hitting your very own goals. In this session you will learn the items needed to start the transformation, and you can also hear how we help and support people through this whole process taking away as much complication away. We do this by inspiring & motivating people and using your support coach and expert trainers to guide you every step of the way.

Remember we know the first step is the hardest, but with the fitness lodge, you have nothing to worry about.