The 9 Best Weight Loss and Metabolic-Boosting Foods

Does it seem as though all of the things you are doing to see your weight loss goals come true aren’t proving effective? If yes, then there is just a little aspect you need to consider.

Sadly, it can feel really discouraging, especially when you dedicate so much time and energy on personal training exercises just to make sure that you see those stubborn fat melt away.

Well, in case this is the side of the pond you find yourself, then some slight modifications to your meal can be the obvious solution.

Yes, without a doubt, eating clean and fresh can greatly enhance your metabolic activity. And like you would rightly guess, once there is a speed-up in your metabolism, fat burning then becomes a seamless routine.

Need some foods that can help you boost your rate of metabolism? Read down to learn more from this brief and insightful post.

  1. Legumes and Pulses

Pulses and legumes such as beans, peas, lentils and even peanuts have been proven to pack lots of proteins. The protein content of pulses and legumes has also been shown by studies to require a greater amount of calories to digest them when compared to other food that is less in protein content.

2. Apple-Cider Vinegar

Several studies have proven apple-cider vinegar to have the potential of increasing your body metabolism, and so increasing the amount of fat your body is burning.

According to a study, it was observed that there is an increase in the enzyme activated protein kinase (AMPK). This enzyme usually requires the body to reduce the amount of fat it stores by burning more fat.

However, when taking apple cider vinegar, endeavour to limit your daily consumption to about 30mL to avoid side effects.

3. Food Rich in Selenium, Iron and Zinc

Eating food such as seafood, nuts, seeds and nuts is a good way to increase your level of iron, zinc and selenium. And like you probably would know, all the minerals are all very effective in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which is the organ that regulates the rate of metabolism in the body.

4. Chili Pepper

Another astonishing spice that can greatly enhance your calorie and fat burn by boosting your metabolic rate is chilli pepper. This is made possible because of the presence of the chemical capsaicin found in chilli pepper.

According to research, it was shown that capsaicin can help the body to burn an additional 50 calories per day.

5. Coffee

Generally, caffeine is known to be very effective in helping the body to burn fat as a source of energy. This, however, has been a major trick by athletes to enhance their workout performance.  

According to studies on caffeine, it has been shown that caffeine has the potential to increase the metabolic rate by about 11%. 6.

 6. Protein-Rich Foods

Outstanding about protein-rich food such as meat, fish, legumes, dairy and even nuts is the fact that they require your body to utilize more energy in digesting them. And by doing this, food that is rich in protein can enhance the speedy metabolism of such food within a few hours of consumption.

More so, protein-rich food also has the potential of keeping you fuller for longer, and so can prevent you from overeating.

7. High-Metabolic Spices

Some spices such as ginger powder, which is dissolved in hot water are known to have beneficial metabolism-boosting properties.

Such spices have been shown by research to enhance calorie burn to about 43 times more than drinking water alone. 

What is more? The hot ginger drink has also been shown to decrease the level of hunger in an individual, and this can greatly enhance the feeling of satiety.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil may look a bit odd in this list, but it actually works wonder when it comes to speeding up your metabolic rate.

Coconut oil is in part very effective in boosting-metabolism due to their high medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) content. Also, since MCTs goes directly into the liver to be used as a source of energy, studies have shown that they are less likely to be stored as excess fat in the body.

9. Water

Obviously, this list won’t be complete without a mention of water as one of the metabolic-boosting food in addition to helping you stay hydrated.

Scientifically, drinking sufficient amount of water has been proven to boost metabolism by about 24-30%.

Take Away

Burning excess fat to lose weight can be done either by engaging in some personal training exercises. But besides personal training, eating fresh and clean food which are known to speed up metabolism can also serve as a cheat sheet to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Do you need more effective ways or a professional guide on how to live and stay healthy? Kindly contact us, and we’ll be glad to partner with you in achieving your fitness goals.