How To Get Summer Body Ready

How To Get Summer Body Ready

It’s that time of the year again. The cold weather is beginning to leave and the sun is getting brighter. Summer holidays are starting to be booked – and we all know what that means… the swimwear is back out! Follow these 5 tips to avoid feeling the need to cover up this year, and get your body in shape for bikini season…


1. Make educated food choices

Calories are very important when it comes to changing your body! Most people generally are underestimating calories by 40-60%… so if you think you’re eating 1200 calories, you’re more likely nearer to 2000! It’s an easy thing to get totally wrong. Watch your calories, even as a start point, remember to include everything from drinks (including alcohol), vegetables and even the sneaky few little snacks here and there. Everything adds up, and if you have an idea of where you are now it will make things a lot easier!

2. Move more

The weather is already improving and the sun is starting to shine again. Get up and out! You don’t need to be down the gym straight away, it can be as simple as a 30 minute walk. Exercise is great for your well being, you’ll get that feel good factor… as well as that you’ll be burning off calories, WIN WIN!

3. Have a plan

Everything you do has a plan. To buy your first home you have a money saving plan. To get a promotion or new job you take steps to work towards the requirements. So why would you not use a plan when it comes to your own body? Why would you just throw everything all at once and hope something sticks? You need to treat your body with the same patience and plan steps each week, for example… exercise 4 days a week, eat 2 extra portions of veg a day, and have no alcohol for the week. Tick all the boxes and watch how easily the changes come! It can be just 5 little steps that add up to big results.

4. Build a support network

Doing it alone can be really tough, it can make a huge difference by having others around you for support. Here at The Lodge we are very lucky that not only do our clients become good friends, but they also support and motivate each other, its awesome! So having other like minded people with you such as friends and family can make it a lot easier to work together to succeed!

5. Don’t rush things

Big crash diets, juicing diets or any extreme dieting will inevitably lead to weight gain at a shocking rate after you have finished. Throwing everything at changing your body and rushing to get the results, I understand why people may want to do it but you need to take steps to slow it down so you can get the results you say you want. Start off with the simple exercise and consistent healthy diet – full of fresh fruits and veg, plenty of protein, good carbs and healthy fats. Dieting can be simple you don’t need to add in different weird and wonderful methods… just be consistent!

Make this your best summer yet! Here at The Fitness Lodge we can help you to get into the best shape of your life! Whether it’s nutrition, classes, personal training or support that you need, we are here and we can help! Click APPLY NOW to book your free transformation session now…