Stocking Fillers For Fitness Fanatics

Stocking Fillers For Fitness Fanatics

As Christmas approaches faster than ever we start to see the two types of people. The first type are the organised crowd. From this group you may hear phrases such as “I’ve already bought and wrapped everything!” Then there is the second group, we shall call them the unorganised. The weeks leading up to Christmas can often be extremely stressful, and for the unorganised community this can be something they dread!

Sound familiar?

Well that’s where we want to help! We have gathered the top stocking fillers for you to get for the fitness fanatic in your life.

1. Tracking fitness results is hugely popular. From steps and calorie counting to heart rate and sleep. We love to know exactly what our bodies are up too.

Fitbits are very popular for all of the above tracking – but you can also connect them to your phone to receive messages straight to your wrist. Priced between £100 – £250.

Looking for a cheaper alternative? The NuBand also tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep. For just £29.99! Perfect for your fitness friends.

2. Being tangled up in earphone wires can be very annoying. Wireless headphones are a great item for running and the gym.

Beats by Dre may be on the pricier side at £200 – £250 for wireless, but they do have long battery life and the quality is fantastic!

For just £20 – £35 you could choose these JVC wireless headphones instead which will also do a great job.

3. A very popular item with the fitness industry is reusable water bottles. If you want to buy a practical gift that will get multiple use, this is a great item to choose.

Chilly’s water bottles are made from stainless steel and will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold! With the option for multiple quirky designs, colours, lids and sizes – you won’t struggle to get the look you want. £15 – £25.

Primark also have colourful stainless steel bottles for £8 – but if you prefer good old reusable plastic then Primark also sell multiple bottles for just £2.50!

4. Designed to increase your workout intensity and effectiveness – Opti ankle or wrist weights are perfect for gym goers or running lovers! Just £7.99!

5. Another idea for the fitness fanatic in your life is to create their very own fitness gift basket. You could include any of the items above. Do you know their favourite protein bars or treats? Why not add them to a basket with…

  • Some other items to add to a females basket are dry shampoo, hair bands, lip balm, socks, their favourite fitness magazine or a fitness or recipe book.
  • Some other items to add to a males basket are miniature toiletries for their gym bag, socks, their favourite fitness magazine or a fitness or recipe book.


We hope that this has helped you gather some ideas for your Christmas shopping. At The Fitness Lodge we write weekly blogs to give you ideas, motivation and inspiration!