10 Top Tips For Staying On Track This Winter

10 Top Tips For Staying On Track This Winter 2018

Spring forwards, fall back.

That time of year is back – when the clocks go back and the nights draw in. It’s going to get colder, wetter, darker. The temptation to curl up in a blanket on the sofa with a glass of wine is overwhelming. Intentions of heading out to the gym or for a run are fast becoming distant memories. Putting off the exercise – it’s fine – it’s winter. We can layer up in sweaters and scarves and hide our bodies away for the season. Then we can start again in the spring – can’t we?


Summer bodies are built in the winter.

Winter is not the time to take your foot off the gas. To make those long lasting, consistent changes to our bodies – we need to be staying consistent year round with our health plans. Smashing goals, losing weight and being healthy are not things that can be achieved at the click of a finger. Fad diets, quick fixes and cheat tricks are never going to get you to your dreams. Do you want to be out the other side of this winter panicking about not being bikini body ready? Diving for the first “quick fix” you are promised? No. I didn’t think so.

10 Top Tips For Staying On Track This Winter 2018

So here are our top 10 tips for getting off that sofa and out for training this winter:


  • Get a workout buddy.


Having someone to go workout with is an excellent 2-fold motivator. Firstly, you have someone who is holding you accountable. Expecting you to meet them, go with them, support them. You can’t let them down. Secondly, it’s more fun. You have someone to talk to, laugh with and grumble with. It becomes more than a workout – it becomes something sociable.



  • Set short term goals.


Your overall goal may be a weight lost, a dress size, a 6-pack. And having a big dream is not only important but it is inspirational. However, it is just as important to focus on the smaller accomplishments leading up to your end goal. Set weekly targets so you always feel your are achieving.



  • Plan your weeks workout sessions in advance.


Getting organised is key to success. Plan your week ahead – when can you fit your workouts in? Which days will you need to rest? Then – there is no excuse for “I don’t have time to workout”. You do have time. Find it.



  • Have a workout planner to tick off when you’ve worked out.


Keeping a visual reminder of your workouts is a good motivator for holding yourself accountable to your workouts. Write them on the calendar and tick them off when you’ve done them.



  • Get a new playlist.


Many studies have found that listening to music whilst exercising not only serves as an excellent mood booster – but can actually help you work harder in your session. So build yourself a track list of songs that get you wanting to move.


  • Tell someone when you are planning to go to the gym.


I have mentioned it already and I will mention it again. Accountability. Being held accountable to your actions is an excellent driver for success. Tell a friend/partner/colleague you are going to workout.



  • Go first thing in the day so it’s done.


It’s hard. It’s horrible. Your bed is so much more inviting…

But getting your workout done at the beginning of the day has so many benefits. It’s out of the way, it’s set your metabolism blasting and cleared your mind for the day ahead.



  • Set an inspirational workout themed phone background.


Find a quote that gets you inspired and set it as your phone screen. That way, every time you look at your phone you feel a little more compelled to workout.



  • Take a healthy, tasty post-workout snack.


Giving yourself a healthy treat for completing a session will add to your sense of accomplishment and provide much needed nourishment to your body. Yum.


  1. Get focused in on that post-workout feeling.

Exercise releases endorphins and has been scientifically proven to make you feel good. And when it’s cold and wet and horrible outside – we need all the endorphins we can get.


So get dressed. Put your trainers on. And get out there.


You only regret the workouts you DON’T do.