Sophie’s Top Tips To Get Motivated

Sophie’s Top Tips To Get Motivated

“80 percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

How do you find motivation to exercise when you just don’t feel like getting off the sofa, or at the end of a long gruelling week at work? I ask myself this question every now and then (even me yes this happens occasionally, I am human too believe it or not I’m usually buzzing around.. Or like Ben puts it like a squirrel!)
There are a million ways to motivate yourself to exercise, but everyone is so different and have different incentives to get up and go, so that’s where ‘Sophie’s Top Tips’ … And essays come in 😁 here’s a few ideas and ways that could help, that push me and will help keep you on track…

➡How you feel after a workout.

I always feel happy, energised, ready to take on the world (after a protein refuel) after a good, sweaty workout. It’s a high, getting pumped post annihilation is one of the best feelings in my opinion… And I let that motivate me the next time.. The buzz that makes you want to strive for even more next time

➡Time for you.

While many people make time to take care of others (kids, spouse, other family, co-workers, boss), they don’t often make time to take care of themselves. Instead, make your “you” time a priority, and don’t miss that exercise appointment.. Make it a meeting you can’t miss.

➡Calories burned.

Busting your butt in the gym can burn more than you realise and will take you steps closer to those long term goals.

➡Having fun.

Exercise should be fun (and I know Us trainers do our best to keep your training as varied, fun filled as we can while pushing you exceed your limited!)

➡How you’re going to look.

Imagine a slimmer, fitter you with more get up and go, energy and simply feeling happier, more confident and being proud of your achievements. Now let that visualisation drive you.


It motivates me to read fitness magazines. Especially when they contain stories that relate to your journey. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.


I enjoy reading blogs about all the things I’m interested in, clean baking, cooking, fitness journeys, learning new training methods anything that you are Passionate about. It’s real people talking about real life.

➡Success stories.

I find success stories of others incredibly inspirational, how far people can push themselves with a hell of a lot of Determination. If they can so can you.


If you exercise for a few days, give yourself a reward! A week? Another reward. Do it often in the beginning.

➡Fitting into new clothes.

Wanna look good in a smaller size? Work out! And I know as Ben has put up a few as have you guys. Hard work pays off. Keep it up.

➡Adrenaline rush.

I get a rush when I exercise (bit of an adrenaline junkie I admit). Ride that, complete the workout and feel amazing.

➡Stress relief.

Wound up after a long day at work…Get out and work off that stress. It makes a world of difference. Definitely helps me unwind.

➡A workout partner…

The other trainers at The Fitness Lodge usually have to put up with me training with them these days but seriously, it keeps you pushing yourselves to the max (thanks guys you’re the best 😁!)

➡Your before picture.

You often don’t realise how far you’ve come. Take pictures…. Honestly you’ll be amazed.

➡A 5K race or triathlon or something you’ve always want to do.

Just sign up for one, and you’ll be motivated to train.

➡The dread of feeling from not exercising.

I hate how I feel after not exercising. So I remind myself of that when I feel tired and get down that gym! Sometimes the best workouts happen when you don’t have the drive to do them.

➡For others.

For family, those you love.. Looking after yourself so you can be there (on a personal experience, keeping my CF in top condition means I’m not only defying science and kicking ass, I get to enjoy each and every day to the fullest with those I love, friends, family and climb small mountains.. For people who don’t know lots of people with CF are on oxygen and bed bound!)

➡The scale/measurements.

It’s not motivating to weigh yourself every day, as your weight fluctuates. But when you weigh in and those numbers are changing in the direction your working so hard for.

➡Reaching a goal.

Set a goal for weight, or your waist measurement, or a number of days to work out, or a number of miles to run this week. Setting and tracking a goal helps motivate you to complete that goal. Make it achievable.

➡Motivational quotes.

Absolute queen of these. In case you hadn’t noticed 😂

➡Others commenting on how good you look.

When someone notices the changes in your body, it feels good. And it makes you want to work out more.

Haha I think that’s enough for now – don’t want to go on too much. Have an amazing weekend guys. 👊🏻 You’re all awesome!

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