Preview – 101 Tips To Get Fit & Healthy

Preview – 101 Tips To Get Fit & Healthy

Our first sneak peak of our 101 Tips To Get Fit & Healthy! It’s a new year, and in 2019 we want to help as many people as we can to reach their health and fitness goals. Here is a snippet preview with our first 15 tips to get you started!

Preview – 101 Tips To Get Fit & Healthy…

1. Have a workout buddy – Accountability is very important when it comes to getting fit. By having a workout buddy it will keep you motivated. You will also be less likely to skip workouts as you will not want to let your buddy down!

2. Book an event – Whether you choose to do a run, swim, walk , or even a beach holiday etc. Always have something booked, as a result you will keep chasing your goals. Booking an event will help as this date WONT move!

3. Meal Prep – Prep food the evening before or at the beginning of the week. Invest in some Tupperware to prep your food so that you can be ready to go in the morning!

4. Buy an expensive drinks bottle so it doesn’t get lost and you enjoy taking it places you go. Which will result in you drinking more water!

5. Use trackers such as apps or step counter watches to track your exercise – for some fitness app ideas read our blog… ‘Top Fitness Apps’ – Click here

6. Add before and after pictures to your fridge or an album on your phone – As you will keep noticing your current results it will also keep you motivated to reach your goals.

7. Drink 8 glasses of water per day and also start as soon as you wake up.

8. Post on social media your goals and how / why you want to hit them. You should also regularly update users to hold yourself accountable.

9. Try to keep to smaller portions and use smaller plates – As simple as this may seem, by using smaller plates and bowls you can easily eat less.

10. Opt for a small wine glass, switch from pints to bottles or half pints, choose small measures of spirits and sugar-free versions of mixers.

11. Don’t buy larger clothing – When trying to lose weight it can be easy to carry on buying a size to big. If you have the motivation to lose weight you should buy clothes that will fit better once you reach your goals.

12. Walk whenever possible – Choose to take the stairs, leave your car for short journeys and always find ways to exercise more in everyday life.

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13. Set realistic goals – It’s important to keep yourself motivated. Therefore setting realistic goals will stop you from feeling deflated by unrealistic goals.

14. To avoid excuses for not being prepared pack your fitness gear the night before.

15. Listen to your body and use a professional to create a meal plan that works for you – You can create a plan that benefits your own goals and needs by having a professional help you.

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