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My name is Andrew and I am a doctor with a special interest in aesthetic medicine. Since a young age I wanted to become a doctor and through my career many different disciplines have appealed to my desire to help people in a meaningful way. I chose to become a GP because I enjoy the longstanding relationships and continuity of care I have with my patients. Aesthetic medicine offers similar rewards and is an area of medicine which I believe is often overlooked but can change lives positively too.

Aesthetic procedures may seem superficial (and yes, they are literally superficial), but they allow us to take control of another aspect of our appearance, boost our confidence and transform our lives.

Sometimes people tell me that beauty is only skin deep, and I would have to agree. However, my confidence, wellbeing and what makes me feel attractive comes from much deeper. Having Botox or fillers is not confidence or wellbeing in syringe. I see them as part and parcel of maintaining my appearance, like going to the gym, having a manicure or buying a new outfit. All of these things make me feel better about myself and that feeling I exude, that je ne sais quoi, makes me feel more attractive.

This blog is part of my mission to give an insight into aesthetic medicine, spark debate and chip away at the stigma associated with it. So what would I like to achieve? I want my clients to live the life that they want and be confident and proud of what we do. If someday I walk into my waiting room and see clients taking shameless selfies like we do at the gym or hair salon I think we will have achieved something great.

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