“It’s Okay, I’ll Wait Until Monday”

It’s Okay, Waiting Until Monday The Fitness Lodge Blog

Who can relate to this? The never ending cycle I like to call “Wait till Monday”

This is when you have every intention of making some positive changes to your health and fitness.
Maybe it’s been a while now and you have to change.

You think “I’ll wait till Monday”

Monday’s the day! I’ll make all the changes then. I’ll plan my food, I’ll perform some exercises and it will be brilliant! I’ll make progress and be back on track!
All good right?
Well yes!
It’s great you have a plan, and thats exactly what you need. So well done for that. Remember that’s pretty much the first move.
Making a plan. ✅
This is where the two most common problems lie with this one.


Let’s say it’s Wednesday and you’re planning to start the “whole new you” on the following Monday.

You feel good because you have a plan, but also it gives you a tiny get out, it means you can have anything you want as it’s not yet Monday! You can have that Costa muffin, that cake from the office, the alcohol in the evening, and again it’s okay because it’s not Monday.
This means you can pretty much convince yourself it’s okay to eat whatever you like. But the problem with this is you make the work you have on Monday all that much harder. More calories to burn and more habits to change.


Monday more often than not never comes!

You have every intention to make all the changes planned, but for some reason you wake up and the plan doesn’t seem to work. Maybe you get up late, you forget to eat breakfast, you crave your Costa or Starbucks and sadly temptation gets the better of you!
You’re frustrated because today was meant to be the day, the “new me” but now it’s gone horribly wrong it’s turned out to be a normal day.
You are so frustrated, sometimes it seems simpler to just give up.
And you know what you say????
It’s okay, “I’ll wait till Monday”
And that’s pretty much the cycle which most people we help used to face on a weekly basis.
It really doesn’t need to be that way.
I’m a true believer of this quote in fact it’s currently displayed on my phone home screen…
“If you want something you have never had you have to do something you have never done”
At The Fitness Lodge we love to help support and motivate clients through these exact habits and make BIG and very positive health and fitness lifestyle changes.
Reach out, you don’t have to do it alone teamlodge is like a family all supporting each other to make positive and lasting changes.