It’s Not About Them – It’s About You

It’s Not About Them – It’s About You

To make that complete and true lifestyle turnaround – it is important to have a solid foundation for change. A reason or a motivation. The penny drops. You realise it isn’t a fad or a whim, but a committed decision to change.


This “penny” is different for everyone.


Everybody’s reasons for change are different. Every client I meet is driven to see me because of something slightly different and personal. Some do it for health reasons, or maybe to prevent diabetes. Maybe some do it to enhance their chances of conceiving a child. Or some may do it to fit into a dress. Some do it because they know they will be happier in themselves. The list of possible motivations for change is endless but the key thing that I have begun to notice – is which clients go on to be the most successful. Which clients reasons are strongest, most embedded. Which clients are most driven to change and a very obvious pattern has emerged.


Those that smash their goals and transform their lives as a result are the ones that do it for themselves. Not for their partners, not to show off to friends, not for their parents but for THEM. Getting fit and healthy, losing weight and gaining strength. All of these things are maximised when they are driven by the purest and simplest of reasons – it is because it is what they want.

“A girl should be two things; who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel


It’s a difficult motivation for most people to accept because doing something for yourself can feel selfish and vain. It can make us feel guilty. So naturally, a lot of people shy away from these feelings and bury their head in the sand. Focus their energies on everyone else, their family, friends, job… and they ignore what they really want.


Do not be that person.


Accept what it is that YOU want. Do you want to be slimmer? Feel stronger? Catch sight of yourself in the mirror and smile? Yes? GOOD. You should want these things and so you should be proud of it. Harness that thought and use it to propel you forwards because life is what you make of it. We only get one shot at being on this Earth, so please, don’t waste it.


It isn’t about anyone else – it’s about you.