I Was Wrong

I Was Wrong

I was wrong.

It was years ago that I first got into the industry!

When I opened my first facility, I thought it would be all about helping clients lift heavier, lose 3 stone and shred unwanted body fat. I was WRONG… Don’t get me wrong, these are very important aspects of helping clients make the changes they desire.


In time, I quickly learned that the above is also what every other trainer/fitness provider does.

I think – and this is only MY opinion – I think that this is only half the story. 

IN FACT… maybe even less than half.

Before all of the above can occur, you need to get the right support and guidance that you need. 

And most importantly… MINDSET! 

You need to get your head in the game!

Everyone has a story -I know I have – and one day I’ll share that with you, but at the moment, this is about YOU.

What’s stopping you reaching your full potential?

What’s holding you back?

What are you scared of?

Tell me.

Remember, EVERYONE has a story, so you’re not the first.

The first step is the hardest.

Reach out! 

Tell me your story……


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