I need some tips she said.

I need some tips she said.

That’s a message that I got on Facebook the other day.

I disagree!

Trust me when I say that YOU DO NOT NEED TIPS.

Google weight loss tips and you’ll see

Do you think that’s actually going to help


Hence why you don’t see me post “tips” on this, you don’t need any tips.

You won’t use them, and if you did what’s it actually going to do.

Here’s your 3 weight loss tips:

Write these tips down.

Drink lots of water.

Eat single ingredient foods.


Do you know this already? Of course you do.

So what’s your problem.

You can’t execute them.

It’s a mindset problem, you’re
procrastinating as you’re scared,

You know it, I know it.

I’ve done it.

It’s fear… The fear of failing again.

The excuses.

I don’t have the time, it’s expensive to eat
healthy and my knee hurts.

I’m calling you out.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not angry I just know that you need that little push.


You’re afraid, you’re scared of change.

You’re in your comfort zone and you don’t
want to come out of it.

I’ll put this to you if you’re overweight and you’re not doing anything about it then
you’re happy that way.

You’re not no? Then why aren’t you
doing anything about it.

It’s like saying you’re unhappy in your job
but staying there. You’re not that unhappy as you don’t want to change it.

Don’t be afraid of change!

Change is good.

You need this, click the link below to
change your life.

Don’t let fear control you.