I know what to do! I just don’t do it!

I know what to do! I just don’t do it!

The past few years I feel very privileged to have met thousands of people on a 1 to 1 basis whilst assisting them with their health & fitness or well being goals.  Here at the lodge we have an immense sense of pride when helping people make positive changes. We also offer support and expertise to help them along their personal journey.


At the Lodge this all begins with a consultation, in which we listen with great interest and desire to help and make attempts to address items which could be holding back someone from hitting those long awaited goals. In these meetings we have been noticing a great deal of patterns.




Once a month, we will pick a relevant item in a little blog, aiming to address and assist with over coming and understanding why these patterns can arise & what can be a potential solution.


Here goes…


“I know what to do, I just don’t do it”


This is a very commonly mention statement, and it makes sense, most of us know that:


Eating a Chicken salad & Water – is healthier than a large big mac meal with fizzy.


-Choosing a fruit & veg snacks  – is healthier than a packet crisps & chocolate bar


-Regular exercise  – is healthier no exercise at all.


We all know this, right? Yes of course, we have been brought up to know we need regular exercise & should have our 5 a day to assist with a happy healthy life!


Why don’t we do it? Now this is the BIG question!


It can be a number of things…


Lack of support from friends & family, maybe you’re getting overwhelmed, too much pressure in life is making it hard to prioritise on yourself. Is it that your trying to be too strict and raising the bar so much it’s near impossible to keep it up? Maybe you have never seen results so its really hard to keep motivated and stay consistent.  These are all very relevant & fully understandable items.


So what’s the answer??


We think many of these come back to one comment, help & support.   


Lewis Hamilton has a fitness instructor and nutritionist.


Andy Murray has a tennis coach & personal trainer.


Premier league football players have coach to keep them on track.


I Guarantee you that every one of the above, know exactly what muscle groups to train, know exactly how many times per week they should train & also what food assist them towards there ultimate goals! Which we have pretty much established is the same as many of you.


The one difference being that the above have adopted help & support to keep them motivated, with the correct experience and support to work towards their goals. Getting someone to hold you accountable to making changes & training hard is the true key to success.   


This is what the Fitness Lodge love to do, if you feel this resonates with you then reach out.