How To Regain Your Motivation 

How To Regain Your Motivation

You set an early alarm, get up, write a to do list for a productive day. Yet as the hours pass you struggle to get out and go. A lack of motivation is not uncommon. Everyone feels unmotivated now and then, but the real question is how do we get out of that slump?


It can feel impossible sometimes to get the motivation back, here are our top tips to regain your motivation…


1. Set a specific goals and work towards it.

If you have a list of things to do everyday it’s easy to fall off of the list and feel overwhelmed or stressed. Not completing every task can make us feel as though we are failing, when really we are just putting too much on our plate. So stick to one goal, focus on that one thing that you want to achieve, and start working towards it, then as your motivation grows so can your to do list!


2. Tell someone about your goal.

By talking to someone about the goal you want to reach and how you can get there, you are not only making it a lot clearer in your own mind but you are also committing to it. Knowing that someone else has heard about what you want to achieve will push you to make it happen and keep yourself accountable to get to where you want to be.


3. Get inspired by others.

Take some time to look at the people who inspire you. Look at their journey, how they managed to reach their goals and the commitment that they made to get to where they are. Being inspired by others can remind you that you can do that too, you can put that time and commitment in and reach your own goals.


4. Get excited!

Having a goal is exciting! Changing your life and becoming the best version of yourself is something to be excited about, whenever you start to doubt yourself or feel as though you have no motivation, just remember that reaching that goal is exciting and only you can make it happen!


5. Don’t give up!

Whatever happens don’t give up on your goal. If you decide that your goal isn’t right for you anymore then change the goal, but don’t allow a dip in your motivation to be the reason why you give up. We all have days with low energy and high stress, where we just want to close the curtains and go back to sleep. If you have these days and feel like giving up just remember these tips. If you’re struggling then ask someone for support, take some time to relax and change your mindset to a positive one by remembering why you started this journey to reach your goals!


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