How To Do Christmas The Healthy Way

How To Do Christmas The Healthy Way

Christmas is usually the time when we relax our diets a little (or a lot). Whether you’re heading home to your families for the festive season, planning parties or getting together with friends and enjoying chocolate boxes aplenty. December is always full of temptations!

Studies have shown that half of the weight gained over the festive period will remain with most people over the coming year.

Saying no to everything slightly unhealthy during Christmas lunch will leave you with a plate full of sprouts! So instead we have created these healthy ways to avoid putting on the pounds at Christmas, whilst still being able to eat well and enjoy yourself.


  1. Try to keep to smaller portions – enjoy one chocolate rather than five, buy mini mince pies rather than the standard size and use smaller plates.

  2. Cut your potatoes into larger pieces, this will mean they absorb less fat when cooking, and flavour with garlic or rosemary instead of salt.

  3. Toppings such as cream, custard and ice cream can really add to the calorie content of desserts, so add sparingly or instead swap for yogurt.

  4. Opt for a small wine glass, switch from pints to bottles or half pints, choose small measures of spirits and sugar-free versions of mixers.

  5. Remove the skin from your roast turkey and you will lose the fat.

  6. Serve cheeses with celery and grapes and take thinner slices. This can help to reduce the amount of cheese consumed.

  7. Never go up for seconds, no matter how tasty the buffet is. Something that many of us regret each year!


Following these simple tips can make a big difference, and will allow you to still enjoy the Christmas holidays – without the January regret! 

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