The “Why” Behind Our Heart Rate Monitors

When you arrive for a Fitness lodge exercise class you will be met by multiple large screens with tiles per person & flashing colours. This is our activity tracking technology at work, capturing your personal heart rate and tracking your workout live.


But…. What do these pretty colours mean to you?



Monitoring your heart rate whilst training is most certainly the latest fitness craze. I’m sure you have seen many fitness fanatics jogging or training outdoors tracking there every move wearing activity tracker around there arm, wrist or chest. And now the fitness lodge has taken this technology inside our facility.

At The Fitness Lodge we use activity trackers as a training tool to help our members have insight from live data as to their current performance which helps pave a path to continuous improvement.

So what do these zone actually mean?

The Myzone zones (GRAY, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, & RED) are directly tied to your estimated MHR Maximum Heart Rate in the Myzone system. Here’s a breakdown:

GRAY Zone: 50-59% of MHR
BLUE Zone: 60-69% of MHR
GREEN Zone: 70-79% of MHR
YELLOW Zone: 80-89% of MHR
RED Zone: 90-100% of MHR

The colour of the bars in your workout graph is based on the average effort for that entire minute. Therefore, if you are at 91% for 30 seconds and 88% for 30 seconds your average for that minute would be 89.5% and your graph would be yellow.

Your Time in Zones is based on the total amount of time spent in each zone over the course of the workout. Therefore your time in each zone may not be reflected directly in the graph. 

An example here is that 17 minutes were spent in the Red Zone over the entire workout but only two minutes averaged above 90%.

When you connect your heart to your workout, who knows where the journey to More Life will take you? What you do know is that you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re going.