Top 5 Healthy Places To Eat in Leigh on Sea

Top 5 Healthy Places To Eat in Leigh on Sea

Have you been struggling to keep the balance between healthy living and socialising? Well lucky for you Leigh on Sea offers some great places to eat – that are also full of healthy treats and meals! Here are our top 5 healthy places to eat…

Wild Health

Looking for a healthy, guilt-free breakfast or lunch? – Look no further! From different types of porridge, toast and CAKE?! Yes that’s right they even offer healthy cake options, the perfect guilt-free treat. Wild Health includes all of the healthiest food and drink. Vegans, vegetarians and gluten free options are also available, something for everyone. If you want an extra health kick try one of their fresh cold-pressed juices! (aka ELIXIR OF LIFE SHOT) That will definitely give you a kick start to your day.

Acorn Pie & Mash

Originally known as Acorn Veg Deli, now reopened as a vegan style pie and mash shop. They now have a menu that includes meat free options such as ‘Chicken’ & Mushroom pie (actually soya protein) or broccoli, cauliflower and cheese pie! They really do taste as good as they sound! You can also find daily homemade cakes available as well.


From the muscle man to the purple power (a favourite among the personal trainers at The Fitness Lodge) their super smoothies are truly unbeatable. Not only are the smoothies full of goodness (and delicious) but also the food is just as nutritious! When glancing over their menu you’ll read words such as “super foods” and “organic”. For lunch options opt for one of their healthy wraps with the option for chicken, tuna or bacon which also include peppers, spinach, cucumber etc. Another great option is their different types of eggs on toast (which you can add giant portobello mushrooms to as well).

The Brunch Co

If brunch is what you fancy then The Brunch Co is the perfect place to go. Their menu has a HUGE range of different items to choose from for the perfect brunch. They also cater to many people with their vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Choose from many items, such as chicken shwarma, salad and grilled halloumi, fry ups (or the non-meat alternative fry ups) or even pancakes for a sweeter alternative.

Toppers and Toast

Their menu includes a wide range of interesting Australian themed breakfasts including exotic smoothie bowls. A popular lunch choice being their poached egg with sliced avocado on toasted organic sourdough. The perfect place to go for either meat eaters or vegans/vegetarians with something on the menu for everyone