Getting Back On Track!

For now it seems many of us are starting to understand that this new norm we are all facing.

Many of us have had a complete activity lifestyle transformation, in the past we all took for granted daily activities which were just a standard way of life. Walking or riding to a station then trekking 20 minutes across London to get to the office was just normal, many of us were use to seeking out somewhere to buy lunch whilst taking a healthy stroll outside and this seemed to be standard practice and the way life “just is”. At work gyms have managed to help many of us keep activity high, but now…..  Things are very very different. 

With the UK National lockdown easing very soon, brits are getting ready to start getting back on track, starting to piece bits of life back together & even.. dare I say it… plan for the future! A future where we can re group & catch up with where we once were and get back to life & progress as we once knew it.

So…. Let’s make this about how we can progress, what we need to do & Who can help me!! As you are certainly not alone!!

Let’s break this down into bite-sized milestones which we can all action and over time start to make BIG changes. 

1. Reflect, look back at past wins & accomplishments, this can really help us create the inner confidence needed to understand it really is possible to get back on track with progression. 

2. Goals, make a list of goals, these can be weight loss, physique or fitness related, write them down and against each of them list a few reasons why they are so important to you. Then make sure you place this piece of paper somewhere that you can see it on a daily basis to keep it forefront of your mind. 

3. Break it down, plan what you need to do on a daily basis to start chipping away towards the goals, if its weight loss then look at food intake, those small nutritional changes can be made to slowly start tackling the problem, it can be as simple as making sure you are drinking less alcohol, having plenty of water, or not eating heavy carbs late into the evening. When you know what changes you need to make then list them down so you can start eliminating bad foods and adding smarter food choices in. 

4. Set a realistic timeline, Rome was not build in one day, and I’m sure any weight gain or unhealthy lifestyle was not either, set realistic timelines which can be met, remember progress is progress even if it seems like slow progress, it means that today is better than yesterday and that’s where we want to be. Setting unrealistic timelines just adds pressure which is normally unsustainable and can leave to further disappointment, so set timescales which can be met. 

5. Accountability, once you have a greater understanding of what you want to achieve & how this can be obtained, then now’s the time to tell a friend, post to the world or hire an expert to help you stay on track, this is really important, accountability is huge, all top sportsman have someone to help them stay on track which takes a lot of the added stress and strain away. Remember this is not easy on your own so reach out to someone who wants to watch & help you hit your goals. 

6. Tracking, make sure you track your progress, not daily but either weekly / bi weekly, it’s important to see progress & start to enjoy the results of all the hard work, but a word of warning, try not to let a small amount of progress make you think you have hit your end goal as that can make you abandon the plan before you have achieved it. Stay true to the end goal and yes enjoy the journey but remember consistency is the key here! 


We hope this has given you a glimpse of hope, if you need help getting back on track please reach out as we would love to help you!