It’s Happened Again…

It’s happened again!

You have eaten well for a few days.

You feel good.

It’s going really well.

You have a bounce in your step.

Feel like your on top of the world.

Clothes are fitting well.


Meal time comes, you feel good so it won’t matter if you reward yourself with a little naughty treat or maybe you pick the bad meal on the menus.

You really enjoy it, tastes great, your half way though your meals starting to feel full up, getting bloated.

Your now finished! The plate is empty.

You feel terrible! You instantly regret it.

Your thinking to yourself and asking yourself why did I do it, I’ve now wasted them good days work, why why why do I do it to myself.

Well nevermind, I’ll have a dessert or go to the snack cupboard and keep going as I’ve already over done it. So what’s it matter now.

Before you know is you have had 2-3 bad day, & you feel like the whole week has been wasted.

Feeling bloated
Lacking motivation
Can’t be bothered
Lacking confidence
That spring in your step has gone

Your stuck in a constant cycle of good & bad, get so far but then it fades.

BUT !!!! Just imagine!

What if you kept on track, where would you be RIGHT now, how would you FEEL now?

Can you relate to this? Tell me your story?

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I’m here to help.

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