Don’t ever underestimate the power of accountability

Being answerable to someone.
Having someone you are obligated to relay information back to.
Being held responsible for your actions.

Sometimes, even as adults, we need that someone to step in and hold us accountable for our actions. To hold our hand. To act as a mentor. A someone who can steer us back on track when we lose our way, and someone to praise and celebrate with us when we do well.

Life is full of decisions, and left to our own devices, it can be extremely easy to slip into a pattern of making bad ones. Especially when it comes to our weight, fitness and overall health. That cheeky take-away. The secret, late night chocolate bar. No-one will ever know.

But you will.

You will know you have done it. And chances are – you will feel guilty. Frustrated. Annoyed at yourself. It’s so easy to dismiss and ignore these feelings and bury them down deep. Reassure ourselves with the “I can always start again tomorrow”.

But who is going to make sure you do “start again tomorrow”?


Having someone who can hold you accountable can, for most people, be the key to unlocking success when it comes to achieving their goals. Making someone aware of your targets, be it a dress size, weight loss or weight lifted, and keeping that person in the loop with your progress, can have a real positive impact on your mission. Share your success, and likewise, share your failure. The accountability of having someone to share your journey can help you recognise what lead to your success, and similarly recognise and accept your mistakes. Like the old English proverb, “a problem shared is a problem halved.”

It can be a difficult thing – admitting that you need help. Particularly with something as personal and sensitive as the topic of our weight, size and body image. But if you are not achieving the results you want by yourself – it is worth thinking about what it is that you really need to make it happen.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”
― Erma Bombeck

So be brave. Take that courageous step towards not just wishing for it, but doing something proactive and real about achieving it. Get up, tell someone what you want and then get out there and fight for it.

I know you can do it.