8 Tips To Blast Off Tummy Fat + Improve Your Health In Just 4 Weeks

8 Tips To Blast Off Tummy Fat + Improve Your Health In Just 4 Weeks

8 Tips To Blast Off Tummy Fat + Improve Your Health In Just 4 Weeks


Belly fat – both a man and a woman’s biggest nemesis. Always the first place you gain weight, and the last place you lose it. Stomach fat is one of the biggest body insecurities for both sexes alike. Belly fat has been proven to be the most dangerous place to store fat, with it being linked to many diseases (the most prevalent being heart disease). Even people of a considered “healthy weight” can still be at risk if they store a high percentage of fat in their abdominal cavity.

So what can you do about it?
Using our 8 top tips below for only 4 weeks – you will kick start your body to burn away that belly fat – and put you on track for a slimmer, healthier you.


  1. Reducing overall body fat: this is the most effective way to burn away fat around your midsection as well as all over your body. Avoiding the classic “spot-training” circuits and routines that promise unrealistic results by doing body-part focused exercises is important in your banishing belly-fat mission. Instead, focus on whole body work-outs, varying both the content and intensity of these workouts regularly every week.
  2. Water – increasing your water intake to a minimum of 2 litres a day is vital for fat metabolism. Water is necessary for all cellular functions, and without it your body cannot perform optimally. It also helps to flush toxins through your system, helping your body to focus on fat burning.
  3. Reducing sugar intake – sugar carries huge calorific content with no  nutritional value and – due to it’s ability to increase dopamine production in the brain – is highly addictive. It puts a high stress on the liver which is primarily responsible for converting it to glycogen, which, if over-produced, is then neatly stored away as fat. Reducing your sugar intake will naturally have a knock-on effect to reducing the amount of fat stored in your body.
  4. Adrenal stress – this is where your body is made to produce the hormone “adrenaline” in situations where it isn’t needed. This floods your system, increasing your heart rate and stressing all your other vital organs. Adrenal stress is mainly caused by:
  1. day-to-day stresses
  2. caffeine
Reducing your tea and coffee intake, and taking time to relax and avoid stressful situations will have huge benefits for your body’s fat burning systems – helping to eliminate that chub around your midsection.
  1. Getting a good night’s sleep – this is vital for burning belly fat. Rest is critical for your body to repair and recover. A good night’s sleep also leaves the mind refreshed and in a stronger position to manage and combat those day to day stresses (as mentioned in point 4).
  2. Introducing resistance and interval training. Pounding away for hours on a treadmill has been shown to be less efficient at burning body fat, than these types of training. Resistance training causes your body to work harder AFTER your workout has finished than cardio. It often takes a lot less time to burn the same number of calories.
  3. Increase your protein consumption. A balanced diet is key to unlocking your body’s fat burning potential. The vast majority of people in the UK do not eat anywhere near their recommended daily allowance of protein. Getting most of their calories from fats and carbohydrates. Protein is vital for muscle growth and repair, and also burns more calories per pound of body weight. Therefore, increasing your muscle percentage will lead to your body burning vastly more calories at rest = reducing your overall body fat percentage.
  4. Avoid “fad” diets. As tempting as they may seem with their bold, confident promises of dramatic weight loss. Fad diets are never the solution to sustainably and sensibly getting rid of your belly fat for good. Detox teas, juicing and extreme food restrictions can be extremely dangerous for the body. Often causing you to drop water and muscle weight as opposed to burning body fat. The solution – avoid all together.


So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and shed some of that unwanted belly jelly!