5 Simple Food Swaps You Must Know!

5 Simple Food Swaps You Must Know!
   1. Normal Potatoes – Sweet Potato
White potatoes haven’t had the greatest reputation for the last few years. Whereas, the sweet potato, has increased in popularity. They are rich in nutrients and Vitamin A, have a lower glycemic index, provide more energy and also they contain a good amount of fibre.
   2. Regular Cooking Oil – Coconut Oil
For cooking and frying at high temperatures, coconut oil is safe to use as it remains stable. Many oils become damaged when heated above a certain temperature, this turns them rancid, which can be damaging to your body. Coconut oil on the other hand is high in lauric acid, a fatty acid that is anti-fungal, anti bacterial and anti-viral.
   3. Normal Tea – Green Tea
Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants which has been reported to both treat and prevent certain types of cancer. It contains around half the amount of caffeine as normal tea. The caffeine content may increase mental alertness and aid in weight loss. Other health benefits of green tea include lower cholesterol levels and protection from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.
   4. Table Salt – Pink Himalayan Salt
This salt contains a mighty 80+ beneficial minerals and elements. This means the salt can help with many things such as it helps balance electrolytes, eliminate toxins and support nutrient absorption.
   5. White Pasta – Courgetti
White pasta is made up of simple carbohydrates, this usually means you will have to eat a lot of it to feel full. Which is a big problem when you’re trying to lose weight! Invest in a spiralizer to make pasta or spaghetti with courgettes! Courgettes are relatively low in calories but have a high water content. They also provide a good amount of Vitamin C and have a high level of potassium which helps control our blood pressure. Courgette’s high levels of fibre contribute to good digestion and help to stabilise blood sugar levels (unlike white pasta).