5 reasons that most people fail to get results at normal gyms

5 reasons that most people fail to get results at normal gyms

I see the same story happening all the time.

It’s one of the most common frustrations I hear from people starting our 12 week body transformation at The Fitness Lodge

In fact chances are, you can probably relate to what I’m going to talk about here yourself.

I’m talking about people starting a new fitness program but never seeing the results they deserve.

Sound familiar?

Gyms are popping up all over the place. They range from budget gyms packed with a million treadmills to premium spas and health clubs, with all the shiny facilities, frothy coffees and fluffy towels.

(don’t get me wrong…I like a good Latte or a steamy sauna as much as the next man but they aren’t going to get you that toned tummy you crave…)

However, all of these places have one thing in common:

87% of their members don’t get the results they desire. 

(According to recent figures from the Fitness Industry Association)

So why is this? And what can you do to avoid falling into that same old trap?

Well I’m glad you asked… Here’s my top 5 reasons that most people fail to get results at normal gyms:

1) You Are On Your Own Now

At most gyms, you are left to come & go of your own free will regardless of your goals or experience. A lot of the time you are left to play a guessing game about how many times to exercise, what to do, which weights to use and all the other details that need to be considered if you want success. Is it any wonder so many people fail with such a lack of support??

2) You don’t work hard enough

Now hang on a second that’s not a personal dig, I’m not blaming you… I’m sure you DO work hard…what I’m saying is that no matter how focused and self-motivated you are to train alone, you just can’t get as motivated or work AS hard as you can with a trainer helping you.

3) What Should I / Shouldn’t I Eat?

Most fitness professionals would agree that your nutrition is probably THE most important factor in whether or not you succeed. And it’s something that’s different for everyone too. But do most gyms help you with this crucial part of the equation? Not usually I’m afraid.


4) Beware of the Cardio Zombies

Did you know that if you train alone you are more than 60% more likely to fail.

Exercising in groups of like-minded people is WAY more effective. You get the added motivation, the friendly (well mostly friendly!!) competition, the energy, the camaraderie and the accountability which are VERY powerful in building an exercise habit.  It’s much harder to press snooze on that alarm clock when you know you are letting your friends down.

5) You’re probably not doing it right

If you’re lucky you might have had a brief induction, but I’ll bet my barbell that you don’t get enough guidance to master using all the equipment correctly. There are complex moves & exercises especially on the free weight area, many moves can’t be learnt correctly in a 30min induction, some techniques like squats, deadlifts & clean & press really need to be explained to get maximum benefits & save many injuries.

So if you’re after a relaxing time, maybe a spa treatment or just want to plod along as you are because you are happy how you are, then standard gyms are perfect for you.

BUT if you want to make a change finally see some results then I would suggest that you need try something new.

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