5 Easy Ways to Get Motivated

How to get motivated? This is the question that we hear over and over again with people who find themselves at their highest weight ever and ready to make some serious changes in life.

Motivation can be hard to come by when you have so many obstacles in your way, but these five easy ways to get motivated will help you stay on track even when the going gets tough.


1) Visualize Success

Visualization is an easy and effective way to get motivated, stay motivated, and (hopefully) see success. There are many ways to use visualization in your life: it can help you achieve a certain task, help you focus on healthier habits, and boost your overall energy. Visualizing yourself as healthy can be a great tool for weight loss as well; it might sound simple, but picturing yourself in a better state of health could just be what you need to push through that workout when you’re tired or convince you to make something healthy for dinner instead of going out.

By imagining how different things will look when they’re achieved (from financial goals to appearance goals), we set ourselves up for success before we even start.


2) Find a community or workout with a friend

Sometimes finding a community or working out with a friend makes it easier to stick with your workout routine. Not only does it give you a built-in accountability buddy, but it can help you improve your social skills as well. Plus, no one wants to be that person that cancels on their friends last minute! If finding a workout buddy isn’t an option for you, try signing up for a class instead of going solo at the gym—the motivation from everyone else in attendance will make working out even more fun than it usually is.


3) Make Goals Specific and Measurable

Rather than saying I want to get in shape, pick something you can measure. Set a concrete goal, like running a 5K race or lifting 10 pounds more. Being specific with your health goals will help you understand exactly what needs work and keep you accountable for working toward your improvement. It also gives you an attainable objective rather than an abstract idea of getting healthier. You can always adjust your goals as time goes on and push yourself forward with measurable targets.


4) Keep Track of Your Progress

Getting into weight-loss mode can be frustrating, especially when you’re just starting out. Many times, what holds people back from achieving their health goals is not knowing how far they’ve come or how much closer they are than where they started. Luckily, you can quickly set up a visual display of your progress to keep you motivated and inspired as you make healthy changes in your life. This could take on many forms—from a chart tacked up in your office to small but meaningful rewards such as getting your nails done or buying that new perfume you love—but however it manifests itself, tracking progress is a key step to keeping yourself motivated.


5) Celebrate Every Small Victory

Sometimes motivation can be really hard to come by, especially if you’re focusing on negatives throughout your journey.

Set yourself up for success by recognizing every small victory along your journey. Celebrate them, whether it’s a 10-pound weight loss or just getting in a workout on days when you felt like staying home. It’s easy to get lost in focusing on larger goals, but it’s more helpful and empowering to keep an eye on your progress no matter how small it might seem. Even little victories will help you realize that nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart into it!