3 Ways To Stop Feeling Bloated

Bloating is the uncomfortable, swollen feeling we get after eating. Although this is a common and completely normal thing to experience, for some, it is extremely painful and sore. We have created some simple ways to stop this pain from occurring. Here are our 3 ways to stop feeling bloated…

1. Relax

In today’s busy society, we spend most of our time being stressed. ThisĀ overload of pressure we hold onto can affect us in multiple ways. When it comes to eating, this stress can also create pressure on our stomachs, causing us to feel bloated. Take a moment. Breathe, and tell yourself to relax. By taking the time to breathe, and let go of some pressure, your meal will be more enjoyable – and the rest of you day too.

2. Slow Down

Often we will grab our lunch, and without a pause, without even taking a moment – we begin mindlessly rushing it. If you don’t properly break your food down in your mouth – your gut has to do it instead. Remind yourself with every mouthful to slow down. Some people aim to chew their food 10 times, others as much as 25! Just find what number works for you, and remember to never rush.

3. Research

When it comes to food, everyone is different. What makes you bloat, might be fine for someone else. SO many foods are said to cause bloating, even healthy foods such as broccoli and onion. Therefore you need to do your own research to find out what works for you. Keep a food diary and start tracking the days you feel bloated. Use your diary to find out what is causing the uncomfortable feeling and then mix it up.

Follow these 3 tips to ease the pain of bloating. If you are looking for nutritional advice or support – click the link below for your free transformation session…