Movement Therapy

  • Improve Immune Function: A healthy, strong body fights off infection and sickness more easily and more quickly.
  • Improve Bone Density and Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis: Exercise protects against loss in bone mass. Giving you stronger bones and joints.
  • Increase Cardio-Respiratory & Cardiovascular Function: Frequent physical activity lowers risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Improve Posture and Functional Movement: Correct any postural issues and improve strength.

“I had a stroke in 2011 which effected my whole side. After working on the Rapid Pain Relief Program, not only am I pain free but to my and my families amazement I’m actually able to run again”

– Michael Wilson

“I had 2 slipped discs, a frozen shoulder and cartridge damage to both knees. I also used 2 walking sticks to get about. After just 4 weeks on the Rapid Pain Relief Program not only was I pain free and didn’t need to use my walking sticks anymore, I actually took part in bootcamp.”

– Rebecca Spencer

“I was in a lot of pain and unable to work for months on end. I started this programme and within 3 weeks I was back at work full time.”

– Karl Evans